Burnout Management Training

Proven solutions for reducing burnout, creating work-life balance, and optimizing performance.

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"I think EVERYONE should have the opportunity to take this course. I feel it is very beneficial to all people in all aspects of life.”

"No matter your role, this is great and important info. There is so much of our culture that borderlines on burnout and having these tools will help people get through that and could ultimately help employee retention.”

“I think this is an eye opening training that made me step back and take a look at things I need to work on to be a better, employee, parent and spouse.”

Training Details

+ 60 Minute, Live, Virtual Training

+ Implementation Worksheet for immediate application of concepts

+ Presentation Recording

+ PDF with Key Resources

+ Employee Discount Code for Burnout Management Course

Make this mandatory for everyone. It is extremely important for everyone to take this course.”

“It was outstanding. The presenter was organized, knowledgeable and conveyed her message in a manner that I could easily understand.”

“This was a great external resource. Just knowing the terminology and understanding why I have experienced stress in ways that I had never before was very helpful. She was very clear in her explanation and gave us simple but impactful actions we can take to improve.”