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TIME MANAGEMENT - Get more done in less time.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - Master your stress + detach from your work.

BOUNDARIES - Say "no" with ease.

PERSONAL CARE - Create sustainable work-life balance.

HABIT + LIFESTYLE DESIGN - Make the changes you've been putting off and create a life you'll love.

MINDSET - Become the type of person who doesn't settle for their life.

Burnout Mini-Course

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Mackenzie's Testimonial

"I am currently a marketing consultant for a large tech corporation. I am notorious for working late, overworking myself, not telling my boss, coworkers, or friends "no," and never having a clue how to relax. I jam pack my schedule as much as possible and am a people pleaser. I have been struggling with stress from having unrealistic daily expectations for myself, not managing my days well by working tons of extra hours and then being too exhausted to workout, and putting too much on my plate, leaving no time to take care of myself. The stress causes severe migraines, anxiety, not being able to sleep well at night. 

All of the topics in this program met my needs! I feel like people that are burnt out in one area are typically burnt out in the others. All of the areas go hand in hand. 

My overall mindset has been better since taking this course. I try to wake up and enjoy my coffee. I am mindful of how much time I spend on my phone or watching tv. I listen to music while I cook or get ready or when I’m able to while working. The course helped me realize how important mindset is and how you really do have the power to let yourself have a good day or a bad day. My mindset has always been negative and stressed so I am working on focusing on the positives of the day and incorporating tiny new things into my day that really do make a difference in my personal health and well being. 

Everything in this course hit home to me! It’s super nice to have one program that covers all of the areas that I need to work on. I would tell someone to purchase this mini course because it’s perfect for a typical burnt out person. People that struggle in all of these areas like me feel that they would never have time for something like this, but the fact that it’s short and sweet and concise means they do have time.

I know too many people that are unhappy in their jobs or unhappy with the city they live in and it’s important to remember that you can change those things and you hold the power in your life. This program is a good stepping stone into better life choices.



  • 7 Comprehensive Training Videos on Top Burnout Topics
  • Integration Worksheets & Guides to Support Your Transformation
  • Discounted 1:1 Strategy Calls with Emily
  • Actionable Steps to Change Your Life

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