7 Week, 1:1 Coaching to Create Work-Life Balance


7, 1:1 Coaching Calls

Weekly Calls to ensure proper integration of program materials and to customize burnout solutions. 

Self-Paced Video Trainings

6 Weeks of Comprehensive Video Trainings (20+ Videos) and integration worksheets/guides/scripts/etc.

Customized Accountability 

Receive personalized support from Emily as you make changes and encounter challenges.



TIME MANAGEMENT - Get more done in less time.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - Master your stress + detach from your work.

BOUNDARIES - Say "no" with ease.

PERSONAL CARE - Create sustainable work-life balance.

HABIT + LIFESTYLE DESIGN - Make the changes you've been putting off and create a life you'll love.

MINDSET - Become the type of person who doesn't settle for their life.


"I am a young, ambitious professional in the non-profit industry, who worked really hard to get to the place I am at now in my career. Along the way though, I never learned to put myself first and got stuck in a cycle of thinking, “I just need to work a little bit harder to get through this busy time. Then it will all be better”. But it never got better and so many areas of my life and work were suffering and I felt overwhelmed and exhausted every day. After working with Emily, I learned to calm the chaos and remind myself that I get to choose how my day goes. I had taken courses in productivity and read a million books and nothing seemed to work. Emily showed me how to take everything I have learned and apply it to my life in a way that just made sense. Removing the emotion and guilt I felt about not being able to ‘do it all’ was a huge a-ha moment, and Emily was so patient in talking through boundaries, and routines, and the struggles of starting a new job in the middle of the pandemic. The courses and worksheets break things down in such a simple way, but combined with the weekly coaching sessions, this course really stands out. I am finally understanding that not doing it all is not a failure, because it is impossible to be everything to everyone at all times. My job is still extremely busy and the expectations on what I accomplish working remotely are high, but I now have the tools I need to tackle anything, and the deep understanding that none of it matters if I am not putting myself first. I never thought I could be a morning person, but now I wake up early every day excited to start my morning routine, which has nothing to do with anyone but myself and my personal goals. I am honoured to be Emily’s first Canadian client, and encourage anyone who is feeling stuck and like there is no way out to take this course – especially my fellow Canadians!"

"Each module has taught me something that has helped make my life significantly more enjoyable and productive. The biggest takeaways for me are: 

1) Learning to set healthy boundaries in my work life and personal life. It was extremely uncomfortable at first to set healthy boundaries with others because I used to say "yes" to everything even if that meant I had to drop things that were important to me to help someone else and/or work until 10pm. Emily helped keep me accountable to the boundaries I wanted to set but was scared to and we talked through why boundaries have been so difficult for me. 

2) My time is extremely valuable and it's so important to manage my time. Starting a company and working full time I was absolutely exhausted and on the road to burning out. I often was working M-F from 7am-8pm sometimes even later. I used the little bit of time I had to work on the company I was starting. I did not rest or refuel ever. Now I don't work past 5:30pm. Through time management I have automated everything I can automate which saves a lot of time and I talked to my manager about my workload which is now manageable. 

3) Setting goals and sticking to them. I started this program with Emily and told her by the end of the program the biggest thing I want to achieve is launching my website. I honestly was not sure it would be possible because I had been "working" on it for months. I launched my website a week before the program was over and it has been doing really well! 

At the beginning of the program it was finding the time to sit down and watch the modules because of the crazy hours I was working. I would sit down and take notes because these are not modules you want to listen to while you are driving. You want a pen and paper in front of you because there is so much good, life changing information. 

Towards the end of the program, when I set boundaries for myself to not work past a certain hour, it became much easier to find time to watch the modules. They are the perfect length with so much wisdom. So much. And for the times that I wasn't able to make the time I originally scheduled with Emily she was so flexible and easy to work with on rescheduling. She just understands how life is." 

"I am a young professional working in fashion who likes to please and often doesn't know when to stop working. I am very passionate about what I do and so my hobbies and job often merge. I was struggling in all areas of life. I wasn't prioritizing what mattered most (myself) and was working too hard to try and prove my worth in my toxic workplace. I was constantly feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed and that in turn affected my relationships and all other aspects of my life.

The element of the burnout management program that helped me the most was the boundaries week. Understanding that it's okay put myself first and how to do that was incredibly impactful. The time management portion was also really helpful because I always thought that I was good with my time, but Emily taught me a lot about streamlining my tasks, automating, prioritizing, and time blocking.

I now have a morning routine that I love. I am somehow a morning person now. I use my time so much better during my workday and even after. I have time to refresh on the weekends. I am way less stressed and get to enjoy life more.

The biggest emotional effect from the course is learning to emotionally detach from things that are not serving me. Similarly, observing stress patterns and understanding how to manage my stress also helped a lot.

There were so many things that I didn't expect from this course that really hit home for me, particularly being able to reflect on how I was raised and the ways I am intrinsically built. I also wasn't expecting to come out of this course with a business plan and such a clear direction on what I want for the future. This course was way more future thinking than I expected which was exactly what I needed.

I have already told multiple people about the BMP program! I think it's a great program for young adults entering the workplace, people who need more of a work life balance, those looking to start their own company or feeling lost and need accountability and encouragement. Emily does all of that and more!
Thank you so so much for all of your help. You have been a huge encourager, great listener and the perfect accountability partner. This course far exceeded my expectations and I am seriously eternally grateful. I am shocked at how good you are at your job and what a perfect fit it is for you and your skillset - it inspires me to keep working hard to find my niche. Thank you!!"


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