A comprehensive, self-paced course that will give you clear, easy solutions to alleviating burnout and designing a life that doesn't exhaust you.


This course is for you if: 

  • You would like to regain control over your time and energy
  • You identify as high achieving or people pleasing and you know that the habits that come alongside those traits are draining you
  • You want greater separation between work and life
  • You would benefit from explicit tools for setting boundaries, reducing stress, managing your time, and having effective personal care
  • You know that the way you're living is unsustainable and you don't want to wake-up a year or two from now in the same spot

Topics inside the Course:


Break your burnout habits by identifying and correcting patterns that don't serve you. 


Create sustainable work-life balance with these simple guided changes.


Get more done in less time using universal time management principles.


Learn your personal and professional limits and get comfortable setting them guilt-free.


Reduce your stress and detach from your work so you can feel like yourself again.



To ensure this course could deliver the intended results, I had an amazing group of beta testers go through the course first. 100% of the users agreed that "[they] would recommend this course to someone experiencing burnout."

"This came around at just the right time. I always felt like this was something that was just happening to me and I had no control over it. I think this course really helps ask, “Okay, what are the things you can control?” It makes you look at things in a different way and it asks the hard questions but in a friendly way. This is very practical, very actionable and I felt like the way it was done wasn’t overwhelming. I was really worried that I would be even more overwhelmed but this was manageable chunks with clear worksheets. It’s been brilliant."

"I gained a much better understanding of not only the mechanics behind why burnout exists, but how to combat burnout and change my lifestyle to better support not burning out. You are a TOTAL ROCKSTAR. This course (and your content) will change lives! I love the accessibility of the course."

Burnout Management Course

$499.00 USD

Included in the Course:

  • 20+ training videos on essential burnout topics and solutions
  • Designed with a busy person in mind, each video is 15 minutes or less
  • Clear, easy implementation worksheets after each video to ensure you have applied the concept to your own circumstances and know how to plug solutions in so that they stick
  • Opportunity for questions underneath each video should you like something clarified
  • Access to all updates and future versions of this course. The course price will increase as more features and lessons are added.


As a course junkie myself, I know it's intimidating to invest in a course when you aren't sure what the style of it is. Here is a 3 minute sample from the Personal Care unit where I discuss the Personal Care Pyramid. Hopefully it gives you an idea of the style and information breakdown in the course :)


Additional Testimonials 

Previous to this course, I facilitated a program utilizing the Burnout Management Course material. Below you will find testimonials and feedback from my client's experiences with the material.

Burnout doesn't discriminate

Your time, your energy, your relationships, your health, your interests and goals- all of it is fair game as far as burnout is concerned. If you've already googled yourself to death and screenshot half a million infographics and burnout articles to no avail, then it might be time for some guided changes.